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Installing on Linux


Tested on Ubuntu 22.04 (x86_64)

This page contains instructions for installing the Zond node on Linux.

Downloading binaries

The Zond node & PoS validator are available as pre-compiled binaries for some operating systems. The latest releases can be seen and downloaded from the go-zond releases page and qrysm releases page on GitHub.

Building from Source


The Zond node requires the following dependencies to be installed in order to be built from source:

  • build-essential (gcc, g++, make, etc.) sudo apt install build-essential
  • Golang v1.21 or later and 1.20.12


gobrew is recommended to control go version on MacOS / Linux. Install with:
curl -sLk | sh - Follow the instructions to add gobrew to your path and confirm it is working with gobrew --version

Clone the Zond repositories

git clone
git clone

Build go-zond (the Execution Engine) with Golang v1.21 or later

gobrew use 1.21.5
cd go-zond/
make gzond
cp build/bin/gzond ../
cd ..

Build qrsym (Consensus Engine) with Golang v1.20

cd qrysm/
gobrew use 1.20.12
go build -o=../qrysmctl ./cmd/qrysmctl
go build -o=../beacon-chain ./cmd/beacon-chain
go build -o=../validator ./cmd/validator


If using a system-wide installation of Golang, ensure v1.20 is available to build the Consensus Engine and specify the version when building:

go install
go1.20 download
go1.20 build -o=../qrysmctl.exe ./cmd/qrysmctl
go1.20 build -o=../beacon-chain.exe ./cmd/beacon-chain
go1.20 build -o=../validator.exe ./cmd/validator


While the instructions above are tested on fresh OS installs, there will be a variety of system configurations that may cause issues.

Some problems and solutions encountered by our community testers are listed below.

If you encounter any other problems (or the solutions don't work for you), please open an issue.

1. Missing -lstdc++ library

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lstdc++: No such file or directory

a. Install the libstdc++-12-dev library with sudo apt install libstdc++-12-dev
b. Update sources and explicitly specify packages: sudo apt update && sudo apt install build-essential make gcc-multilib clang