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Installing on Mac


Tested on MacOS Sonoma 14.1.2 (Apple Silicon & Intel)

This page contains instructions for installing the Zond node on Mac.

Downloading binaries

The Zond node & PoS validator are available as pre-compiled binaries for some operating systems. The latest releases can be seen and downloaded from the go-zond releases page and qrysm releases page on GitHub.

Building from Source


The Zond node requires the following dependencies to be installed:

  • XCode command line tools (xcode-select –-install)
  • Golang v1.21 or later and 1.20.12


gobrew is recommended to control go version on MacOS / Linux. Install with:
curl -sLk | sh - Follow the instructions to add gobrew to your path and confirm it is working with gobrew --version

Clone the Zond repositories

git clone
git clone

Build go-zond (the Execution Engine) with Golang v1.21 or later

gobrew use 1.21.5
cd go-zond/
make gzond
cp build/bin/gzond ../
cd ..

Build qrsym (Consensus Engine) with Golang v1.20

cd qrysm/
gobrew use 1.20.12
go build -o=../qrysmctl ./cmd/qrysmctl
go build -o=../beacon-chain ./cmd/beacon-chain
go build -o=../validator ./cmd/validator


If using a system-wide installation of Golang, ensure v1.20 is available to build the Consensus Engine and specify the version when building:

go install
go1.20 download
go1.20 build -o=../qrysmctl.exe ./cmd/qrysmctl
go1.20 build -o=../beacon-chain.exe ./cmd/beacon-chain
go1.20 build -o=../validator.exe ./cmd/validator